the first one .

I’d dreamed of becoming a wife and mama since I was literally three years old. I would dress up as a bride, constantly carried my baby dolls around everywhere I went and, much to my parents’ dismay, even pretended to birth them in the middle of my preschool room. My mama instincts have always been rooted deep within me. Growing up, I’d make career goals and life aspirations, but they were fairly scattered ideas that were constantly evolving with my current interests.  I burned out quickly in college as I never really had a strong desire for a formal education.  My brain and my heart were at odds constantly about the future.  My heart had been yearning to raise up a family of my own, while my brain was busy prepping for the realities of my mama dreams not coming true.

Fast forward to now – twenty-five years old – and I am living out my longest desired dream.  It takes my breath away sometimes.  I want to capture every moment and embrace it all – remembering how much I wanted this and how long (well, it felt long to me) I waited for these days.  I have hopes that this blog will be a place to hold memories of our unconventional hippie life, an outlet for my unabashed thoughts, and a reminder of the Lord lavishing on me the amazing gifts that my heart desired.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.  – Proverbs 13:12


dressing up in 1st grade




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